Re: No power out

Rubens Kamimura

Evans, and group.

Grateful for the help.

I see in the diagram that TXA drives relay KT1, TXB the KT2 and TXC the KT3.

For 10, 12 and 15m how should these relay combinations be? Do you tell me that 10m everyone is in off mode? So it only depends on the KT1 relay ("NC" ratings 12-14, and 3-5) switched off! ... It is?
73's PY2PVB

Rubens Kamimura

Em seg., 18 de jan. de 2021 às 13:18, Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> escreveu:

I will assume that this is a v6.  Based on that assumption, I would verify that one of the LPF filter relays has a bad contact on the NO position or it may be stuck on, as all are off for the 10m band (always in the chain, so it not likely to be that filter).  

Can you verify that all three of the other bands are working?  80, 40, and 20.  The order through the chain from the PA to the antenna is 20, 40, 80 that are switched, and then the 10-meter filter that is always in the chain.

It could also be a stuck 20m LPF relay, as that is the highest frequency below 10m.  Verify that that relay is not pulling in and is not stuck on.

Just some suggestions.

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