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Andrew Mullen

I'm in a bit of a pickle and would seriously appreciate any guidance that might come my way. I recently purchased a U-BITX V6 XCRV, after assembled I powered on the unit and was met with plenty of loud clear signals. After, making a couple of contacts and switching over to FT8 with my 100W rig I later powered on the U-BITX only to realize it was deaf. Tuning through the bands, I noticed that I could only slightly detect even the strongest of signals ( Volume all the way up ). There is a very strong possibility that I have overloaded the front end by transmitting with my full powered rig in close proximity. I have some basic understanding of electronics, but beyond that I am unsure as to where I need to start troubleshooting. I greatly appreciate any advice and I am willing to do research, I just don't know where to start.
I have read several reports of excessive voltage into the antenna jack causing the q90 to short ( emitter to base ) just a thought. Like I said, I do get some FAINT audio on very strong signals. Headphones make no difference and CW side tone - beeps are still very loud. I do have some test equipment at my disposal but not very much.
Thanks again to anyone willing to help,

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