Re: Transmit a continuous tone for PA adjustment

Rubens Kamimura

Rafael, good morning.

You can select telegraph mode and select CW and close a wire (short circuit), for example.
Set the tone to 1kHz, or another value.
There is another way via the "PTT" button (normal open contact), I installed a micro switch on the uBITX v4 panel, for adjustments in TX mode.
As the JTDX (FT8) has a stable tone setting, I do this via CAT, that is, connecting a notebook and pressing the "TUNE" icon.
Any questions, I will be QAP / QRV.

73's de Rubens py2pvb

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Em qui., 7 de jan. de 2021 às 17:44, Rafael Diniz <rafael@...> escreveu:

Hi all,

Is there any simple way (can be changing the firmware) to transmit a
continuous tone, in order I can use it to adjust a power amplifier (I
got a kit from aliexpress)?

Btw, any guide on how to use he CW over serial on the ubitx? I should
just put the radio in CW mode over CAT and then send key down and key up
for having CW on and off in the selected frequency?

Rafael PU2UIT

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