Re: unboxing the ubitx v6

Rafael Diniz

Thanks Rubens. I just connected the 13.8V to the center, and the
negative to outer, and it is working fine!


On 1/7/21 10:47 AM, Rubens Kamimura wrote:
Olá Rafael.

Melhor verificar antes de ligar. 
Verifique a continuidade para chassis (o negativo).
Uso uBITX v4, o meu tem três pinos, um dos lados é o negativo, o do
meio  +13,8Vcc ou Power TX, e o outro da extremidade é o +12Vcc.

73's PY2PVB

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Em ter., 5 de jan. de 2021 às 20:28, Rafael Diniz
< <>> escreveu:

Hi there,

I bougth a ubitx v6 basic kit, and I'm wondering what to do with
the two
parts cut with the shape of the ubitx? It there a "case guide" on how
can I get my ubitx in a nice casing?

And btw, in the 12v jack, the positive is the center, and negative the
outer side of the jack, right?

Yay! I'll be on air soon.

Rafael PU2UIT

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