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Jack, W8TEE


Time to thin the herd: For Sale (shipping is CONUS):

Kits And Parts Organic 40M 5 Watter in case, as shown in my Oct., 2019, CQ Magazine article. (Kit cost without case $50.) Assembled with Apache case: $55.00 + $13.00

CRKits HT-1 40M/20M 5W transceiver. Assembled in case. (Kit cost $150.) Assembled with case: $125.00 + $13.00

WA3RNC 5W, 40M, Quick kit with case (Cost: $150). Assembled with case: $100.00 + $10.00

Wilderness Radio Norcal 40A (Kit cost $129.00) Assembled with case: $100.00 + $13.00

Frog Sounds 3W, 40M xcvr (similar to Forty-9er), Kit unassembled $10.00 + $7.00

QCX CW 5W xcvr 40M kit, unassembled: $50.00 + $7.00

QCX CW 5W xcvr 20M kit, unassembled: $50.00 + $7.00

2NJ/2XX 40M 5W CW xcvr, unassembled with case (case still in wrapping paper): $90.00 + $13.00

BITX40 40M xcvr kit, Version 3, unassembled: $40.00 + $10.00

PayPal only; shipping is the second price for CONUS. If there is multiple interest in a radio, first Paypal payment paid to econjack AT yahoo.com gets it. Please be sure to send shipping address.

I'll let people know about the sale tomorrow, if there are any buyers.

Jack, W8TEE

Jack, W8TEE

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