Re: WSJT-X 2.2.2

Dean Souleles

Update - 

I now believe I have serial I/O for CAT control working seamlessly on the Arduino Nano Every.   In short, the default parameters for the Nano Every serial port are 115200, N81  - if I set that in the firmware and set that in WSJTX and any other PC program, then  communication comes up and works fine.  Apparently what happens is if the firmware is set to anything other than that there is a serial port reset that occurs and that was apparently causing WSJTX to hang.  I still can't account for 100% of the behavior but limited testing so far - everything is working as expected.   

Thanks to everyone that contributed to the discussion  - sorry I kind hijacked Mark's thread. 

See this post and replies for more details ...

Back to building radios...


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