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Mark & Hans,
Many thanks for your replies.  Small rectangular pads should work just
fine, and those I can come up with - I don't know why it didn't occur to
Thanks for your help,

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Mark, Bruce et al

I don't think the difference between "ugly" and "Manhatten" methods is all
that much.

My method is a bit of a hybrid I suppose. Mostly ugly. But if I find a point
needs to be better anchored I sometimes use a 10M resistor to ground (ok for
low impedance signal points) or a .22uF capacitor to ground (ok for dc
voltage points).

Sometimes I find I want pads. I mounted all the BITX20 inductors and
trifilar transformers on pads. But not nice circular pads like in the copper
island construction kit. I just find scraps of PCB stock and cut them up
into rough squares approximately 5mm x 5mm with a wire cutter. They're ugly
but it works and takes literally seconds.

73 Hans G0UPL

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