Yet another Chernobyl IRF510 "event" #ubitx

Don - KM4UDX

Turns out that large heatsinks and fan are not enough to triumph over failed power supplies, non-resonate antennas, too much current,  too long digital TX sessions, and a bit of careless operations.... 

I turn my back for a second, and for no reason at all (as my kids used to say continiously), the snowflake crybabies just had to get all "torch" on me.  Lightweights.

You're thinking (a)  "operator error?" here, and (b) will he ever learn. Easy to answer: yes and no. Hahah.

Question:  if the PA is on 24v, does AF's (and others)  guidance on setting the bias for 100ma each on unmodulated carrier?

Do I follow the standard process even though there are 24 not 12 volts at play?

Thank you all very very much as always.

(aka "the 510 death star")

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