Re: Firmware loading ignorance

Evan Hand

Yes, that is why your uBITX is deaf, though it may be more than just the BFO.  Are you sure you used the file from the UBITXV5 folder?  My first impression is that you somehow have the other folder, the UBITXV234.  If that is the case, changing the BFO will not help, as the second IF oscillator will be wrong also.

The reason that I believe that you have the wrong file is that there are checks on the BFO to try to keep it in range.  11995000 is very far from a valid starting point of 11055500. 

Please verify that you did load the correct file.  If so then go ahead and change the BFO to a value close to 11055500 (you can try the 11054600, though that does seem low to me).

I like to use the video from Ashhar Farhan to calibrate and align the BFO.  It can be used on the v5 board, even though he states it is only for the v6,  The thing that is different is how you change the values.  The process is still the same.  With the KD8CEC software, you need to press the encoder to bring up the "yellow box" and then put it into setup mode.

Three major process steps:
1 adjust the BFO so that you can hear low tones to zero beat the reference frequency.
2 calibrate the master clock using a know AM signal
3 reset the BFO for optimum voice response and opposite sideband suppression.

Tuning aide:

If you are OK with the calibration, then just do the last step to center the BFO on the SSB filter.


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