Re: New PCB available for WA2EBY linear amp #linear-amp


Hi Ken,

  I like your filter board!  I've had the "it would be cool if the µBITX could change bands on the amp" thought in my head for a while but haven't gotten farther than that.  Nice work!

Leonard - you did more than that.  You've also answered frantic questions from RF noobs that helped them know for sure that their new creation was working correctly.  Thanks again, Sir!

  FWIW, this is the heat sink I'm using.  It was the closest size match I could find to the part WA2EBY specified in his article.  It's 61 x 116.8 x 38.1 mm (L x W x H).


On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 01:33 PM, Ken K0KV wrote:
Regarding the multi-band LPF board - I needed one that was PC-controllable because I mainly operate remotely (shack is upstairs, PC is in family room).   So I designed my own board, which uses relays to switch the LPF's in and out for each band.  It can be controlled from a simple contact closure (e.g. an Alexa-controlled relay) or via digital outputs from an Arduino. 

Also - you're right, I should have mentioned the toroid kit - it's super convenient.  I decided not to buy it because I already had some of the cores on hand.

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