Re: uBitx v5 issue

Bill Cromwell

Hi Ted,

I am preparing to replace Q90 in my V3 and I will be installing the diodes. I have used them in other solid state rigs in the past and a couple of time I have had to replace them (two different radios). The usual failure mode is for them to fail-short. It becomes obvious then that they have failed because incoming signals pretty much vanish. In both cases the rest of the radio was preserved. The sacrificial diodes did their job.

I have never had any problems with radios that have those diodes installed. Most of the caveats that have been posted here are *speculation* about what might happen. It hasn't happened. None of the posts have asserted that any problem has actually happened. I have two experiences where the front ends were saved and no experiences where the diodes caused any problems. And that is experience, not speculation.


Bill KU8H

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On 11/24/20 11:40 AM, Ted via wrote:
Would the common 1n914 serve the same purpose?   Being as common as it is, etc.

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