Re: New PCB available for WA2EBY linear amp #linear-amp



  It looks like a nice board, especially if one wants to work with a single band.  The original amp project has two boards - one for the amp (with the same input attenuator option - add resistors or jump), and a second board for the lowpass filters for 160 thru 10 meters.

   The good news is that Far Circuits still has the boards available.

Broadband HF amp, ifr510's 1w in, 40 w out (two board set)

$19.50 Set

  KC0WOX did a full build and test manual that's a nice addition to the ARRL articles originally penned by WA2EBY:

  I love mine!  I run it from both 13.8 and 28 VDC.  I found a heatsink that's very closely sized to the part originally specified by WA2EBY and find that it doesn't generate much heat even when running 28V and sending out a 2 minute WSPR 'shout'. hihi  I'm guessing that the heatsink you found will do even better than the smaller one originally spec'd.

  73, Andy, KG5RKP

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