Re: kit-projects AGC with uBITX v5 - need help #v5


Lets start with some pictures of the switch its a weird configuration, but yeah something is definitely not.

Off Should be 0 Ohms that's correct (its a short to ground) Fast should be Just shy of 470K Slow should be 1meg

however this switch like I said is a little odd, Hence the wiring instructions in the documentation. To test this without the switch you can easily just bridge Common (Black) to Red(fast) or Purple(slow) and see if you get the expected AGC action.

it's something like 2 pole shorting switch. or a type1 DPDT. Lots of conversations on the forums about what it "actually" is But I have attached the internals so you can also check it against your wireup

-- Tim Keller - KE2GKB

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