Re: SWR meter with second arduino


Here’s what I’m thinking about.
First of all, I made a Ubitx house from A to Z and I only use the reception part for now. See my different posts.
I want to improve what exists, and for that I read everything that was written on the HFsignal website.
What I would like to add (list not completed)
A separate power supply for the Nextions(s) (Bridge,self and regulator separately)
Internal box regulation (fan trip)
Installation of a removable SSB filter (Small plug-in pcb). This to change the frequency easily.
Taking into account changes seen on power stage (2n2222 + modified transformers)
Establishment of a AGC
Setting up an equalizer
Setting up preconnexions for HF power amplifier (relays?)
Encoder changes (Added resistances to suppress noise)
Added components for SWR meter (Your circuit or KD8CEC (lm358))
Addition 2nd arduino
Addition of additional control transistors on free legs of the 2nd Arduino for future controls (ex of relays)
Addition 2nd Nextion
All these modifications exist, they must be implemented on a circuit.
I’m not a Kicad specialist, I spend a little time at night on it. It took me 4 days to make a small circuit. That’s unfortunate, because you actually have to do all the operations by hand.
I thought that after I made the schematic and the choice of prints, that he was going to generate a circuit. A priori no, there too it is manual...unless I do not master the tool. Connexions must be do manually!! (Only "Cheveulu" to help.
it's just a project.

NB: I also just saw that we can also put another Arduino. The V3 should work I think. Attention, on A.... o, we sell V3, but it looks like a Nano. The cabling is not the same. I think the programs should work on the V3.

So some work this winter....

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