Re: Alternative Calibration Procedure uBITx v6


I like it!  Simpler than the method I've been using!

I tune to WWV, then hit the WWV Wikipedia page to see what frequency audio tone is broadcast that minute.  I use the WSJT-X waterfall to track the audio tone.

73, Andy

On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 09:12 PM, Mark Erbaugh wrote:
Following the calibration procedure for my v6, I had trouble zero beating a carrier, so I tried a modified approach that seems to work better for me. With the radio in LSB mode, I tuned 1 kHz above WWV at 5 MHz. WWV's carrier thus creates a 1 kHz tone. I used a program with an audio waterfall (I used FLDIGI) and adjusted the uBITx's tuning calibration until the tone was at 1 kHz.


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