Re: K5BCQ board layout and pinouts

Arv Evans

Frank, KG9H

What are the symptoms (what works and what does not work)?
A picture of the damaged board might be interesting.
Pinout for the off-board connections are in the assembly manual.
Pinout for the on-board units (Radiuno, etc.) are in the assembly manual.
A picture of the as-received shipping material would be helpful for future reference.


On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 8:18 PM kg9hfrank@... <kg9hfrank@...> wrote:
I purchased a uBitz (4 I think) and it has a K5BCQ board in it.  It bounced around during shipment and the board came apart.  I think I can get it running.
Just need the pin-out information, anyone?
Frank, KG9H

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