Re: Interesting QST article


The whole point of this project is not to compete with any other rig, but its a creative opportunity for tinkerers. 

Okay remember many of our partners on this list are outside of NA and don't likely get QST, but may be members of their radio society.  So here are the highlights:

- decades ago QST published a 2 transistor, xtal controlled transmitter built on a tuna can.  it became a classic
- article describes a similar simple transmitter connected to an Si5351a PLL and display via Nano
- modular design using bought items for all but the PA and LPF board, nice well written article
- microcode provided
- I am a bit surprised they chose an IRF510 and not a BS170 for the PA, but I wonder if it has more gain that may be needed here (okay I need to read the article)

73 Curt

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