Re: GPSDO ubitx ?

Jerry Gaffke

Worth trying, but the NEO-7M is very cheap and does not give a clean square wave.
Any corrections in edge count to better agree with the satellite will disturb that square wave.

In the discussion I pointed to, it was suggested the NEO-7M was mostly clean at 24mhz.
However, since it is then dividing by two from 48mhz, it can only slow down, by adding
an extra 48mhz clock in there.  It cannot speed up, if that's what the satellite wants it to do.

Best bet is to spend a little bit more money on a better GPS module that has a clean reference.


On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 07:14 PM, Rafael Diniz wrote:
So it is worth trying to connect the NEO-7M GPS module (48MHz divided by
4) to the Si5351A and see what happens, as it is already there in the
Raduino. Hopefully it will be good enough to provide a precise and
jitter-free frequency synthesis!

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