Re: GPSDO ubitx ?

Rafael Diniz

Hi Jerry,

That makes total sense. I have some affordable GPSDO with 10MHz output I
got from ebay. I feel your suggestion might be the best solution, of
course, at the cost of re-doing the Raduino and adding (may be in the
same Raduino board?) the GPSDO with 10MHz output already connected to
the refclk pin of the Si5351C, plus a new SMA connector for the GPS antenna.

Rafael PU2UIT

On 11/16/20 6:19 PM, Jerry Gaffke via wrote:
If you are sticking with the Si5351 family for this and are ok with
laying out a new board,
I'd use the $2 Si5351C in the QFN package.  It has a refclk input that
can work with
directly with the 10mhz reference clock often available from GPS modules.

The $1 Si5351A in the MSOP10 that we normally use can take a reference
in on one of the crystal pins, but spec sheet says it's only good for
25 to 27 mhz.
Reports are that it does work with a reference clock of 10mhz, but with
significantly more jitter.

Jerry, KE7ER

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