FS: uBitX v6.1 plus TSW Teensy & KitProjects AGC module


For sale is a fully assembled uBitX v6.1. It comes with the original parts kit and microphone included with the radio. I have installed the TSW Teensy 4.0 adapter kit. The radio works very nicely with this new chipset and firmware. I have have tested it on receive and it works quite nicely. Also included is the KitProjects AGC kit which has not been installed and is still in its original wrapping. Finally, included as well are parts for the RF power equalization mode as detailed here:  (https://groups.io/g/BITX20/topic/transmitter_mods/17458699?p=Created,,,20,1,80,0&jump=1)

My e-mail address is on QRZ. I would like $210 plus shipping for the radio.

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