Re: S-Meter Pin A7 Location V6


Hi Mick,

   I received a V6.2 µBITX about 6 weeks ago and confirm that my 'digital' connector looks like yours with the wires cut.

   You can use a small probe or small straight/minus screwdriver to push the tab on the side of the connector to remove/replace the cut wire on your existing connector.

    On the V6 radios, A7 from the Arduino comes out on pin 8 of the connector, same as my V3 and Evan's photo.  Here's the Raduino schematic for reference.  You're working on the 'mate' for the 'Controls1' connector:

   Cheers and 73, Andy

On Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 03:23 PM, Mick wrote:
Hello Evan

You're becoming my mentor - very much appreciated.
I assume then that the numbering of that plug starts at A-Zero one end (Black) though to A7 Purple at the other end.
My encoder arrived pre-wired with the purple, blue, green and orange wires cut off - please see photo.
The kit arrived with spare wired plugs though, so it's easier if I use the spare 8-way plug and just re-wire the encoder.
That leaves me with the other wires including the purple A7 wire to use as I wish.

If there is someone with a Version 6 ubitx I would appreciate confirmation, though it looks spot on Evan.

Thanks Evan, all the best  73  Mick M0GWD

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