Re: New nano board displays only "ubitx v4.3" #bitx20help #bitx20 #arduino #antennas #audiocircuit

Gary Rindfuss

I don't think I worded my first post very well. 
I am trying to install a new nano board. The v 4.3 sketch loads properly no errors when it compiles or loads. This board seems to be the identical physical replacement from the same manufacturer as the original nano from HF. But when installed and powered up I get only "ubitx v4.3" in the display. No other function or lines of display. I have tried 3 different nanos from the bunch I got on Amazon all the same result.  The original nano works ok for normal ssb operation but not with the digi board and is loaded from the same sketch file as the others.  A foto of the screen is attached.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks

On Thu, Nov 12, 2020, 5:42 PM Owen Vinall <vinall284@...> wrote:
Sorry Gary.
I misread your email. 
Greetings i am pretty new here and I want to thank everyone in advance for their help. 
I am trying to sort out an issue with a digiboad that I had installed that worked for a while then quit. It had been suggested that I replace the nano board. I ordered some on Amazon. They are the kind where you solder the header pins in so they gave the right way.  The chip is marked 328p
I load the v 4.3 sketch on it and when you turn it on you get only "ubitx v4.3 in the display nothing else.  (Photo)
I have tried a couple of the nanos and get the same result.  I still have the original nano the radio works fine with it it just won't talk to the digi board.  
I am sure there is probably something I don't  understand about loading a sketch on a new nano board? But the sketch does load without error.  
Any help much appreciated

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