Re: Need new v4 raduino to work with green display #bitx20help #bitx20 #arduino #ft8 #digital

Owen Vinall

Just a hint re the Raduino.
When I tried to flash mine I kept getting 500 Sync errors. Tried other Arduino boards and MOST gave the same error message. Same when using other cables and another Computer. I eventually found in TOOLS I needed to select the "Old Bootloader". I didn't see the actual error you were experiencing so this is just a guess. (I'm  a newbie).
Mines a V6.2 board OS is Win10 on both Computers. As someone who spent their whole career fault finding in I.T. I would hesitate to flash another image unless you have completed a lot of testing first.


On Wed, 11 Nov 2020, 6:31 pm Gary Anderson, <gary.ag5tx@...> wrote:
Your reported symptoms seem likely to be USB related, not anything Raduino per se.
I've had issues with the USB connector on the Nano clone in my V3.  

How did you have the Raduino's Nano USB attached to the host computer when you reported successful sketch uploads?
Directly to the computer or through the digi board?  If directly to the Nano, did you try this connection path for the CAT control?

If you can successfully upload sketches when attached directly to the computer, try using the same USB cable between the Nano and the digi board.


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