Re: Thinking about buying a V6 but I have questions.


Hi Bill,

I have had a V3 for a few years and have enjoyed modding it.  Balancing output power, installing a pop fix, and other things.  I've had a new V6.2 on the air just under a month and it's a much better radio out of the box than my nodded V3.

The pop fix is incorporated into the board. TX/RX transitions are silent on a speaker. I haven't used phones yet. 

I have a couple of the original AGC boards.  I've recently received one of the kits projects versions with an S meter output but haven't installed it yet.

Check with W0EB at the Triumvirate Skonk Worx. They have a Teensy 4.0 hardware upgrade and their own code for the Raduino. One of the upgrades is a a new paddle interface that comes directly off the Teensy that's supposed to be very crisp. I'm using their upgraded Raduino but haven't used paddles yet.

73, Andy

On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 06:46 AM, Bill Carpenter wrote:
I had a V4 but sold it because I wasn't using it that much and I was concerned about it not meeting TX purity standards.  It was a fun rig though.  So I'm thinking about getting a V6 because it appears the purity concerns my have been addressed.   But I have questions:

1.  I am a CW op.  There evidently is an issue with latency on CW which would be a deal killer for me.  I see some posts suggesting that there is firmware out there that addresses and solves the problem.  I want to hear from CW OPS with a V6 - is that true for sure?
2.  I ordered and built an AGC kit for my V4 that worked well but can't remember who I got it from - is it still available?
3.  Is the audio "pop" upon TX no longer an issue?
4.  Is the rig readily available in these Covid times?

Thanks in advance!

73, Bill NZ0T

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