7805 Regulator on the RADUINO and M5141 Regulator on the nano arduino. #bitx20 #du9gt

George DU9GT

Greetings Kit Builders and Home Breweres!


Just hav recently gotten my uBITx V6.


It seems to work as advertised with these two anomalies:


The 7805 Regulator on the Radrino display board unit is so hot I can not hold my fingers on the heatsink without great discomfort.


Question: Is this normal?


I notice some slight FMing in received signals and when I got ready to put some extra filter caps on the unit I noticed the heating on the 7805.


Question:  Has anyone else noticed a slight FMing on receive, or does my unit have a problem (or problems)?



Very Kind Regards,


All the very best,


George DU9GT

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