Re: Thinking about buying a V6 but I have questions.



The v5 and v6 both have reduced spurious and should be in vicinity of compliance in most nations I suppose, as well as US. My modified v4 is clean on all bands cw, and lower bands so far on ssb.

The ubitx is not designed for cw qsk. I can do okay sending but adapt. CEC firmware is better but still there are hardware limits. Still I managed hundreds of cw qsos with it.

If there's an audio pop it can be addressed, v6 cw ops can comment.

The popular agc circuit in the US was designed by nd6t, I don't know that its still kitted. It sold better than kits to remedy the spurs! The vk3ye LED LDR agc that I have had more success with had some recent discussion here, but I admit it may be harder to reproduce until a kit supplier finds suitable devices currently made.

The v6 does use a touch screen, not a more expensive one but it can be updated. It was much easier to customize the v5, but I think the v6 can be bought without the enclosure.

All should be thrilled for the opportunity to purchase a ubitx, thanks again to hfsignals and the global community of builders.

73 curt wb8yyy

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