Re: Forgot one question

Jerry Gaffke

You might be all right, but I'd definitely tape the ends.
A short of +5v power from your host USB connector to ground
could blow something out in the host computer.
The host USB port should limit current to an amp or two, 
but I wouldn't count on it.  

Insulation shrinkage is often seen when you first strip some of
the insulation off the wire, stretching the insulation that is left behind.
Then maybe change your mind and cut it square instead.
But a temperature variation or aging could also cause such changes.

The old Bitx40 came with a wiring harness that plugged into the Raduino,
not all of those wires got used by the Bitx40.  Builders that simply left
the unused wires to land where they may often had trouble
with the wires finding +12v (perhaps on the  IRF510 heatsink)
and blowing out an IO cell on the Nano or destroying it entirely.
Those wires had been cut square.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 08:28 AM, Mark Erbaugh wrote:

Thanks for point that out. I thought about that but didn’t do anything. I wasn’t aware of the insulation shrinking. I guess I’ll add some tape.



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