Re: Frequency calibration, Tuning Question, Sound very tinny questions Ubitx V6


This'll help with the BFO adjustment, JT:

You might have to work back and forth a couple of times between VFO and BFO.

To check your frequency, dial up one of the WWV time signals.  5000 KHz and down is better at night.  You should be able to get 10 MHz during the day, and maybe even 15 MHz.  There's an audio tone most minutes.  Load up WSJT-X and use the waterfall to read the frequency.  Using the microphone on a laptop will do the job - no need to connect wires from computer to radio.  The all knowing Wiki has the table of audio freq table:

 Enjoy the tuning!
 73, Andy, KG5RKP
 V3 and V6.2  - CEC on the V3 and the wonderful TSW code (and Teensy 4 Raduino) on the V6

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