Re: Simple UBITX Test Set

Tom, wb6b

On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 05:34 PM, Jerry Gaffke wrote:
They also have this for $3.99, if you can wait for a boat from China:

Thanks for pointing those out. I just ordered some for my parts supply. Looks like the price is a 50% off promo price. 
For just a little more in shipping, less Than $0.50, it can ship Banggood Express, that is supposedly faster than Air. Still 15-20 days though.

Of course, I ended up buying some other things like a $1.99 stereo audio amp board and an 8 relay board (Might be good for switching between several pre-tuned matching networks at my antenna. A cheap remote "auto" match for multi band operation on one antenna.) And a tiny OLED display module to remind me that bigger displays are easier to read. 

On the subject of the test set. Would it be possible to add some jumper plugs to break the circuits at critical points or jumper across parts of the circuits and test points to the uBitx and produce a sketch that could be loaded into the Raduino for the express purpose of alignment and troubleshooting, assuming the uBitx is mostly functional. The idea would be to allow the built-in Raduino to be a signal generator for one section of the uBitx at a time, and possibility use a simple DVM and a RF detector probe to verify passband and centering of filters and such. You may still want an accurate signal source to verify the final frequency calibration. That could just be a simple xtal oscillator. 

Tom, wb6b

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