Re: Electronic encoder (Not rotary)

Bob Lunsford

You are right. ALL grounds must be tied back to the service ground [rod]. Merely driving a ground rod in the ground near the radio room and tying everything to it is not per Code. A run of copper wire of the prescribed wire size must be run from that radio room ground back to the service ground to be acceptable to the Code. This is per a friend who designs large industry electrical systems.

Bob — KK5R

On Sunday, October 25, 2020, 10:13:17 PM EDT, Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> wrote:

The correct grounding depends on the intent.  For safety, all grounds are to be at the same level.  A potential difference can be dangerous.  In large buildings that requires running new ground rods in the immediate area and tying all power ground connections to that grid.  Extrapolating that to your case, all should be at the same ground potential by bonding altogether.   I suspect that the oscilloscope is not grounded to the same point as the mains to the uBITX.  You can measure that with a good DMM on AC volts.

For the RF side of things, it is important to have a good solid earth ground close to the antenna and to have that ground also run into the shack.

Above are what I remember from my industrial power days.

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