Re: Spare 16x2 display

Bill Cromwell

Hi Kit,

Put in your "junk box". If you don't have a "junk box" use it to start one. You do not have so much money tied up in that spare display that you cannot afford to keep it. you can't even get a cup of coffee in a paper cup for that. When you want to start playing with microcontrollers like the Arduino (or others) remember you have it in your junk box:)


Bill KU8H

bark less - wag more

On 10/25/20 1:01 PM, Kit Peters wrote:
I have a spare 16x2 display (the replacement Raduino I got from KF4FTR came with a 4 line display) sitting around. What could I do with it in the context of my uBITX?
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