Re: Always unpleasant noise pop T/R

Robert Freeman

Hi Gerard,

I was seeing a similar issue and found this discussion.  Installing the diode made a big difference on my V4 rig going from RX to TX.  Maybe this is  related to your problems? 
73's, Robert NQ0t

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 1:12 PM Gerard <kabupos@...> wrote:
Yes, actually on my diagram,the power supply is the TX for the transistors of the last power stage. It may be a bad design of this model. I looked at the v3 diagram, V4, the alim is still the PA-PWR.
So I would modify the circuit accordingly or disconnect the 2 capacitors because i made only reception at this time.

otherwise, there is some software to pilot ubitx
From a historical perspective, TSW had a release that supported remote control and mouse
User Manual:
Custom control program:

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