A Ubitx controlled by mouse or laptop, is this possible? laptop


How about a night out?
I was wondering if it was possible to connect a mouse on the Ubitx. Has anyone ever had this idea?
I think we can add USB ports, or use the one on the Arduino?
This would allow you to get rid of the encoder which sometimes poses noise problem.
The idea is this.
With the dial we control the frequency.
With the right and left click one moves in the different functions.
In this case, it would no longer be necessary to have a touch screen. Only screen

Another solution, no touch screen, no dial, no button.
Only a USB port connected to a laptop
A graphical emulation on the laptop that drives everything.

Or a mix of the 2 because some use the Ubitx on mobile (??)
I am not a specialist in arduino and its programming. I do not know if this is feasible.
it would require a big development
Your opinion

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