Re: Always unpleasant noise pop T/R



Thanks for the advice, I’ll look at it tomorrow
i add:
On the M0THY diagram, the capacitors of the final power stage are composed of 2 capacitors of 470 µ on the TX alim (Like  V.6) On its assembly, the power supply used for the power is the TX power supply. Since the power transistors are not mounted, the discharge time may be longer (TBC)
A test would be to delete them to see.
Moreover on the diagram  of the ubitx V6, the stage is powered by PA-PWR. Surely the possibility of adding an external power supply stronger than the TX. There may also be the ability to use the same TX alim with a jumper?

But, to talk about something else, you still haven’t told me if your rotary encoder  is making noise..

to morrow

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