Re: Help Request Please with Nextion 2.8 Display


Hello Evan

Yes good news and all is well.
My approach could have been better.
If I had snapped off my right-angle header strip to 14-pins to start with, the extraneous piece of plastic on the female header on the Nano board would have been obvious.  You live and learn.

I intend making a new front panel for the ubitx case so that the Nextion display is a nice fit.
It's a great kit and I'm really pleased with it.

Thanks Evan, all the best

Mick M0GWD

On 21/10/2020 00:43, Evan Hand wrote:
Good News!

Have fun with the new display.  I find it much easier to use then the 1602 display that came with the v5 kits.



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