Help Request Please with Nextion 2.8 Display


Please can you assist with my Nextion display upgrade, as I'm not sure how to proceed?


My ubitx v6 arrived about a week ago and was fine on completion with accurate frequency. Very impressed.

Yesterday I upgraded to a 2.8" Nextion display following KD8CEC instructions to the letter.

The upload of Ian's Version 1.2 firmware to the ubitx V6 went perfectly.  Receive works fine, not tried Tx yet.


My replacement display is a Nextion 2.8" Enhanced No. NX3224K028 purchased from Amazon UK.

It says NEXTION HMI SOLUTION on the box.


I am thinking that I may have loaded the wrong firmware for the display.  See issues listed below.

I am currently using ..        ubitx_28_E.tft    which loads successfully to my 32GB Micro SD card (Formatted FAT32)
The display then loads the firmware fine from the Micro SD Card, then I remove the card as per instructions.


I have tried using ..       ubitx_28_E.HMI       which seems to me to be the correct file?

However, this does not work - the display shows ..          Baud: 9600  SD Card Update ...  No Find File


The current issues are using    ubitx_28_E.tft    are as follows  ...

Frequency Display works fine with tuning and is accurate and spot on with my Yaesu FT-897, but I'm stuck on the 80m band

If I hold Touch on any of the top row of buttons (apart from Mode), they change to Orange but nothing happens

Mode Button text is Orange all the time and I can bring up the modes, but cannot change them

I can bring up the Control Menu, but can only adjust LCD brightness, which works

I can adjust CW settings, but Save and Reboot does not work.

The Home button gets me back OK, but CW settings unchanged, still showing default settings

SPL, RIT and ATT buttons do not work either or change colour


The display shows +v1.200, which I think is correct

The IFS Button works and I can slide the Orange block to adjust.

So very little is working apart from the tuning.


Advice welcomed please.  My Arduino knowledge is somewhat limited, although I have successfully built the K3NG Keyer on a breadboard.


Many thanks in advance.

73  Mick M0GWD

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