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   I'll take you in another direction if you don't mind.  Yesterday, for the first time, I've taken a newly built and uncalibrated Raduino clone from first start to fully calibrated.  I used a signal generator to provide a fixed tone to beat against, and used Farhan's audio tool to get the pass band closer and closer, but couldn't get either where I wanted them.  After the usual back and forth to set the BFO and frequency, I was still about 600 Hz off.    I found an easy way to dial in both settings that last little bit.  I used WSJT-X, WWV on 10 MHz, and Farhan's audio tool.

  WWV changes audio tones every minute that they transmit a tone.  The WWV Wikipedia page shows the frequency plan as they jump around between 440, 500, and 600 Hz.  Each audio tone will have a secondary line on the waterfall 100 Hz up and 100 down.  When jumping into the frequency adjustment settings, the audio frequency changes - disregard that and just move the frequency up or down a little bit by ear.  Then exit the cal process and check the waterfall.  After a couple of iterations, you can get the frequency spot-on.  Once that's set, run the BFO cal again and use the audio tool to find both sidebands.  Put the lower frequency band solidly into the zone on Farhan's tool and you should be done!

  73, Andy, KG5RKP   

On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 11:38 AM, Mitchel Rought wrote:
is it possible to change the display frequency through memory manager, after alignment this radio is slightly off, web sdr 7.050.000, this radio 7.049.700, I realize it's not much but still bothers me

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