Re: Solid-state T/R switching #ubitx


Thanks, Bill.

No, I'm not trying to eliminate relays from the board, only the function of the T/R so that I can get the recovery for "semi" QSK a little faster.... and it is semi-QSK if I don't have to manually move a lever or a knob from TX to RX in between words.  If I can get that between letters, that would sure be nice as a sunny day.  

I'd like to volunteer that, in no way am I implying commentary upon the original design; I'm just carrying on with the intent of the kit by experimenting and modifying to suit.  

I've had one of the original T/R relays in a V3 die on me, and an Axiom T/R relay die on me in a V5, in far fewer than the tens of thousands of cycles these are typically rated for.  So, of course, accepting in advance that CW is not the primary role of these radios, I'm looking at making my portable box (and likely a Bitx-40 board I came across as well) into something that is more suited for the quick-recovering and wear-free picture of a true CW rig.   The reason for posting is that of wondering if I'm on the right track with something like FET's switching on in opposition to each other per TX/RX duty, rather than the usual PIN diode route, due to this design sharing so much of it's core for both TX and RX paths.  




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