Solid-state T/R switching #ubitx


I've thought of doing away with the physical relay switching between TX & RX, by using a power transistor to activate the RX whenever TX is not otherwise invoked, and another one to activate the TX path (and drop the RX switch device) when called upon. 

It sounds plain enough. Has anyone else done this already?  I'm not necessarily trying to address anything that I'd call a shortcoming, other than that it IS a mechanical switch [and "because I think I can"].

For the rig in question - a V5 board - I use almost exclusively CW and I believe I can get better semi-qsk this way and lose the relay noise at the same time. More instantaneous reaction to Dits would be a
win, not that I think this build with its CEC firmware necessarily suffers so badly from that like the stock V6  does, but I'd like to see what effect such switching has on operation.



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