Re: Any fix for V6 first character delay?

Bill Cromwell

Hi Loris,

None of that was a complaint on my part. There are some simple things we can do to get better performance from the uBitX on CW. The digital modes use SSB anyway so those are not an issue at all. The original post asked about the CW problem with the original software. I told him (and any others) about the software solution. The dreadful lag (latency) is not due to any hardware design problems. The CW on my V3 was usable but not so smooth. Installing the CEC software cleaned that up for me on the V3. On the V6 it is Reed's software.

I have made some hardware changes and will make some other changes to my own V3. I wonder where we can buy one of the 'perfect', ready made radios for only $1000 these days. There are a few radios that cost more than I paid for my first house! Not something that appeals to me:)


Bill KU8H

bark less - wag more

On 10/17/20 9:49 AM, IW4AJR Loris wrote:
Hi Bill
The BITX and the whole µBITX series was born as an SSB rig, the possibility of use for the CW is only for occasional use as well as for other ways of communication (even the ILER series does the same), both start from the concept of limiting initial costs of the rig, for different uses it is expected that it can be hacked and modified for its own purposes ...
If you have chosen a KIT you have to expect that hardware and software variants are needed to use it the way you want it, if you want a smooth rig of any kind, you can spend a thousand dollars and solve the problems.
If, on the other hand, you want a KIT for CW or other digital modes of transmission, you have to orient yourself on other products, there are several specialized ones for digital transmissions, but obviously these do not transmit in SSB ...
Like it or not, you have to choose between one and the other or adapt to modify them or spend more thousands dollars !, The choice is yours.
Cordial greetings, de IW4AJR Loris

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