Re: Suggestion for the NEW UBITX V7.29r

IW4AJR Loris <lorisbollina@...>

On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 02:13 PM, Ashhar Farhan wrote:
I didnt make myself clear enough. My bad. My suggestion was produce the v7, as a super-raduino board that just plugs into the existing ubitx. The connectors haven't changed since v3.
A board with stm32 or teensy won't need a nextion display. It can easily drive a dumb display. The jackal board does this, the tsw project is another admirable effort.
These boards wont need any special coils or RF transformers.
- f
Hi Ashhar,
I think you have expressed yourself perfectly but, as always, everyone would like a version of hardware tailored to their specific use ... I think it is human and understandable.
Excellent idea of ​​a "super-raduino" to include many of the variants born for the various µBITX-Vx, great idea of ​​reducing costs with a more modern micro to lighten the various special uses and allow many HAMs to add variants software for their interests, in addition to the stm32 or the teensy you could also consider the new Arduino products (eg NANO-Every or similar), this would allow you to take advantage of thousands of libraries already written and tested for different LCD, TFT, specialized chips, etc.
From the hardware point of view of the main board, however, some small additions could be made, there are many suggestions that can be found in this forum, among others I would like you to study an integrated (or external mudular) version of AGC for excellent amplifiers of medium frequency used in the µBITX series, but here I too fall into personal desire.
In any case, I am delighted with your work and the work of the team of workers who assemble the KITs, and I am sure that any choice you will make for a future V7 series will be as good as the previous ones!
Best wishes for the job ...
greetings from IW4AJR Loris

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