Re: Any fix for V6 first character delay?

Bill Cromwell


I worked on a V6 for another amateur. When it arrived I found the CW completely unusable. The other ham wanted Reed's software installed and when I did that the CW latency went away. Reed's software addressed some other things, too. I think the display operates a little more smoothly too.

Farhan has stated that he is a phone operator and CW in the uBitX is 'an afterthought'. Ther is also no CW bandwidth filter. Over the years there have been other radios that had CW added as an afterthought and CW hams had to choose between making modifications or buying a different radio. The software modification is pretty easy:)

I have a V3 and I like it even with it's warts. I doubt there is a *perfect* radio.


Bill KU8H

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On 10/17/20 7:57 AM, Evan Hand wrote:
On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 06:07 AM, Donnie G wrote:
Is there any fix yet for the v6 first character delay in cw mode?
You can try the firmware that Reed N has written for the stock v6 uBITX.  Search the site for messages from him.  Here is a starting point with the links to the GitHub repository:

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