Re: Suggestion for the NEW UBITX V7.

Bill Cromwell

Thanks Evan,

I'm getting the flat forehead thing now:) When I first read it I read it as AGC but then I had my chain jerked - "no wait. It says CAG". I was only halfway through my first coffee. It is possibly a non native language thing but that occurred to me and I saw a U.S. callsign signature there. We do have many U.S. amateur friends imported from other countries. Maybe he was on his first coffee of the morning too.


Bill KU8H

bark less - wag more

On 10/17/20 8:04 AM, Evan Hand wrote:
I believe that it is AGC in the wrong order.  Could be because of differences in the native language of one of the authors.
Please forgive me if anything above is in error.

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