Re: Suggestion for the NEW UBITX V7.

Ashhar Farhan

HF Signals is reluctantly in this business.  It doesnt make sense to move parts from Mouser, Ohio to Hyderabad, have them assembled and then shipped back to Tennessee. Why wait for them to make this move? The suggestions can all be incorporated into a single plug in-board (the audio connector and Raduino are in the same line to allow a single board to plugin). 
Between Hobby PCB and mouser all the parts can be easily procured. The hf signals boards cost twice what you will pay in components and pcb. It is just all the transport, soldering, testing and administration costs.
Unlike qcx or xeigu, bitx radios are open with hardware and software. My idea was to encourage a number of kitchen table businesses to turn out easy to understand and build radios. I hope others take up the slack.
- f

On Sat 17 Oct, 2020, 9:06 AM ohwenzelph via, <> wrote:
On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 04:26 AM, Gerard wrote:
As an owner of a V6 I would love to know what the detailed specifics are regarding the following:
Add core, capacitors, for noise of the connection of the Nextion
Modifications on some transistors of the emission chain
Changes to winding on the emission chain
thanks, sincerely
jerry aa1of

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