Suggestion for the NEW UBITX V7.



Since I went through this forum, I find an important batch of changes
So I have a suggestion, and it’s just an idea.
I think it would be wise to make a list of everything that could have been changed so that a new circuit could include all these changes. What I say here, is not mandatory, only the designer will decide.
I wrote down at the top of what I saw when I was browsing this forum:
Addition LM358 for smeter
Add an amp for more sound
Add diode protection of Q90
Add 5v regulator for Nextion
Add core, capacitors, for noise of the connection of the Nextion
Modifications on some transistors of the emission chain
Changes to winding on the emission chain
In addition, it would also be advisable to plan a location for a 2nd nano.
I think one of the outputs of second nano could be used to drive an antenna tuner (many relays are controlled depending on the band)
I think we could directly implant a PA louder, switchable amp of your choice.
The ideal is to have all this prevu on the PCB in the form of options (?), but easier to cabler than to add warts.
You can complete the list
Of course these are only suggestions

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