Re: What a solution for Smeter?

Jonas Sanamon

Hi Gerard,

You need to connect the 2nd nano's input to the VOL-high connection as in the drawing (the max signal), not the middle as that has a signal that varies with volume pot position.
Yes, You have to program the second nano with the DSP-meter sketch   (I can't find a precompiled version at the moment, but if You want I can send it to You later if You don't want to compile it yourself)

I suspect that I attached the wrong drawing in my previous email, please see and follow instructions and drawings provided there. I have the 2nd Nano in series with the Nextion so it supports the DSP-meter functions on the Nextion.

Regards, Jonas

Den ons 14 okt. 2020 kl 09:02 skrev Gerard <kabupos@...>:

Hello Jonas,
Okay, I get it,

it will be necessary to add a nano + connect the 5 wires, so I think to add mass and alim for the nano, resistances and capacitor.
The capacitor must be connected to VOL HIGH, is this the strongest point of the volume, or the middle point of the potentiometer. A priori since it is high it does not seem logical that it is the point where the sound signal is strongest of the potentiometer.
Is there an soft to load on the nano or does it serve a bit like a calculator?
Thank you for your help.

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