Re: What a solution for Smeter?

Jonas Sanamon

Hi Gerard,

No, I think You misunderstood me. You do *NOT* need a second Nextion in order to use the extra Nano.
The extra Nano is connected to the 1st Nano in parallel with the Nextion.   See the description at KD8CEC site


Cheers, Jonas

Den ons 14 okt. 2020 kl 07:17 skrev Gerard <kabupos@...>:

Hello alll, Hello Jonas

Yes I know that "we can add a nano and a 2nd Nextion".
The basic question is: "how to operate the Smeter on the main Nextion". If there is only one Nextion to manage the complete radio. There has to be a solution, I think.
Is it hardware or software???Paraméter, another version Hex?
I think the question must have been asked. But I can’t find anything in the Wiki or on the forum. Only on hamskey, but no specific answer.
Thanks for the return

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