Re: What a solution for Smeter?

Jonas Sanamon

Hi Gerald,

You can add another Nano with the DSPmeter code without adding extra Nextion screens. Just connect it between Radiuno and Nextion.

Regards, Jonas - SM4VEY

Den tis 13 okt. 2020 kl 20:44 skrev Gerard <kabupos@...>:

Is there a solution to the problem of Smeter that is either zero or full? That is my case.
On hamskey I saw many cases, but no answer.
We are talking about a connection on the A7 of the arduino (Foot 11), but since I have a homemade, I do not see where this wire should then go?
>> I think it's for analog device.
Otherwise I was told to select in the soft the IC2meter, But is it time to install a second screen?
or simply select IC2meter with only one Nextion??
It's confused...
If you have an answer, I’m interested
My version is CEC 1.2 see picture. it's the NX file, not NX_S

here the file info:
thank you

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