Re: Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!


hello Mick,
Thanks for the information.
 Yes, today I worked on the ubitx manager for the Smeter and saw that there was an option to save these settings IFS
My calibration and BFO setting must not be too bad, because I am in the center of the IF shift.
I still have to adjust the pb of the Smeter on the Nextion screen, because it is always full.
The story of the wire on the signal A7 of the arduino is a bad track. to connect it to what? No, I think it’s soft and an option to activate correctly the smeter  as Evan said.
Moreover I look forward to an amplifier because, even with an output on HP of 0.5W, it is too weak to understand.... except for a Ham ... Victoria Bravo ...who passed very hard over everyone. Besides, he is in Mexico, so for me it is a satisfaction to have heard  it from France with a tempory installation.
There is still work to do
I use the ubitx in reception mode. Power stage is not cabled


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