Re: Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!


Evan, Gerard,
If you use Ian’s KD8CEC software you can save the ATT and IF shift values and up load them to memory. I’ve found if you get the BFO and frequency correct you don’t need to use IF shift.
The best process for fine tuning the BFO (after following Ashhar’s directions) is to use Roberts N8RT tone generator suggestion. See below


“A way to Check the audio SSB frequency response of your microphone. 

There is a an audio ONLINE Tone Generator that is free and tunes covers 1Hz to 20,000 Hz .

The Generator is available here:

Works on ANDROID and PC’s maybe others.

Connect your transmitter into a DUMMY LOAD, Connect a Wattmeter appropriate to your transmitter power. 

Key the transmitter in CW Mode to make sure your wattmeter is showing at least ½ scale on the watt meter, this is not super important and is just a reference.

Now switch back to SSB and place the device you have downloaded the tone generator speaker next to your microphone, key your transmitter and on the Tone, Generator slide the button left and right and you can now see the PEAK frequency response of your SSB audio. ( The distance from the device speaker and the mic will only increase or decrease the power reading) 

I wanted to check my UBITX Ver 6 , SSB Rf output power, frequency response of my  Modified Baofeng mic. (posted here)

 This frequency  measurement is very dependent on your UBITX  BFO adjustment, make sure that you have calibrated that before you do this test. My UBITX SSB power,   mic frequency peaked at about 900 hz , and fell off on each side of the 900hz frequency. 

Rob N8RT“



Mick VA3EPM 

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